Paul Garrety

Paul is the author of The Helix Prophecy: Book One, “The Seventh Wave,” and Book Two, “The Emerald Tablets.” He lives in on the Gold Coast and spends whatever spare time he has at his writing retreat on Macleay Island (a small Moreton Bay island mid way between Brisbane and Gold Coast) with his lovely wife, Annie.

Paul is a qualified teacher of both Hatha and Kundalini Yoga and works full time for a major insurance company.

On why he writes Paul says:

“Some people call it the zone, others the timeless but whatever tag you use it’s the place I like to go to write. That’s not to say I always get there, in fact it’s a real bonus when I do.

Strangely enough I only seem to know I’m there after I’ve been – when I suddenly catch sight of my laptop’s clock to find that five hours have passed when it only feels like I’ve only just sat down.

I hasten to add that this is not my personal spaceship, lots of people go there and what’s more anyone can. You don’t even have to be in the “arts.” The closest I can describe it is that it’s like living totally—totally— in the present moment. When I write from there, I’m there, tapping away madly, curious about what is going to happen next.

So in way too many words, regardless of how it turns out—good, bad or indifferent— that’s why I write.

Curiously that’s at odds with the place where my laptop clock lives because the obverse is that I constantly feel that there is not enough time. Work, love, relationship, commitments, other passions all have to have their share, my challenge is to get the priorities “write”.

That’s where living and loving with Annie is handy, she has her own artistic/passionate pursuits and loves to spend time with them as much as I do mine.

The island also helps. The island energy is very peaceful and relaxing whereas the Gold Coast has a lot of vitality about it.

Practice—yoga and meditation— are the cornerstone of my day and missing them for a day or two is the easiest way of convincing myself that there really is not enough time.”

You too can enjoy the serenity of Paul’s island retreat as it’s available for holiday rental. Perfect for writing and/or yoga/meditation retreats. Visit the website: